Amherst Central School District



Before and After School Programs

AM Program

Starts at 7:15 at Windermere Boulevard Elementary.

PM Program

Dismissal through 5:30 PM:

Two service options: Early Bird (pick up by 4:00 PM) or Full Session (pick up by 5:30 PM)

Located at: Smallwood Drive Elementary & Windermere Blvd. Elementary

Half Days

If you would like your child to attend Just for Kids on a scheduled Parent/Teacher conference day, and he/she typically attends on the respective day, we automatically add him/her to the list. If they do not regularly attend, we will be happy to add your child for the session, if space permits.

On Parent/Teacher conference days, large scale activities are planned, and children bring a "nut free" bag lunch. On these "special" days, we may invite special guests to the sites. Additional details will be made available upon receipt from the District.


Superintendent's Conference Days, plus February and April Breaks:

Just for Kids may run full day programs on Superintendent's Conference days (single, full days off) as well as the week-long break camps, dependent on space availability.  

Additional information available in advance. 


Full Day Program - Flyer: November 6, 2018 Located at Windermere Elementary, for all Smallwood and Windermere students



D.S.S. and other supports

Just for Kids is happy to support the needs of local families.

We have contracted with the Erie County Department of Social Services, which subsidizes the tuition for qualified parents. Please call the Just for Kids main office for the required paperwork. For information, call 716-858-8953 or visit

Just for Kids is pleased to partner with the Buffalo Workforce Development Consortium, and also maintains a modest scholarship fund for families in need.

Various projects that the students do during their program, plus a match from the nonprofit, help to fund this initiative.

For additional information, please contact the Administrative Office.


Please refer to the parent portal should you wish to make a monetary donation toward the Just for Kids Scholarship Fund, and please reach out to our main office for donation of goods - or volunteering time! We welcome: books, art supplies, paper and writing utensils, games and toys, sporting goods, and other "kid friendly" materials in good condition.

You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.



We look forward to meeting you and your children!