Register for Programs: Williamsville CSD



Before and After School Programs: 

AM Programs start at 7:00 AM

Casey Middle & Transit Middle *

Country Parkway, Maple West

PM Programs - Dismissal through 6:00 PM

Country Parkway




Maple East

Maple West

Additional Programming*:

*Typically offered.  We will keep parents updated if we are able to run these programs during 2020-2021 SY.

Full Day/Break Camp Programs:

February and April Breaks: 

Additionally, we offer full day services during the week-long break camps.  Please visit our Break Camps page for details and locations!


February Break (President's Week)

Registration opens in early January

Spring Break

Registration opens in early March

Half Days:

Offering services on all district half days (elementary), from dismissal through 6:00 PM

Summer Club:

Starts the first Monday of Summer, runs eight weeks.  See the SUMMER CLUB page for details!