Cheektowaga CSD

Serving students of Union East, and located at Union East.


Union East After School Program 


This program is offered at NO COST to parents, as it is a current recipient of 21st Century Community Learning Center funding.  

A 21st Century Community Learning Center in New York is a federally funded program that provides comprehensive afterschool and summer enrichment activities for students. These centers offer a wide range of academic support, extracurricular opportunities, and community resources to promote student success and holistic development outside of regular school hours.

Student enrollment is offered on an equitable basis throughout the year, with a strong effort to ensure that all interested students are able to participate.  Program is open only to enrolled students attending Union East elementary.  Academic support provided utilizing hand's on and enrichment activities, as well as partnerships with other nonprofits help to offer a well-rounded experience for the students.    Please contact our office for additional information, or to register, use this link: .


Runs from dismissal through 5:45 PM, Full School Days only!



Break Camp Programs - can cross enroll in Williamsville, Sweet Home or Grand Island:

February Break (President's Week)

Registration opens in early January

Spring Break

Registration opens in early March


Summer Club:

Offered at NO Cost for weekly sessions paralleling Summer School.

For other weeks of summer, students may cross enroll using DSS, Scholarship, or tuition-based funding at one of our additional camps in WNY.  See "Summer Club" page for details!